Meet a Local Patient

Mark Woodard, a long-term resident of the City of Vista and medical cannabis patient, helped put Measure Z on the ballot to help other patients in Vista access local, life-changing treatment.

"Measure Z would provide me safe, local, regulated access to medicinal cannabis.  Medical cannabis allows me to be a functioning, productive member of the community and volunteer to help others.

Cannabis has been life changing for me.  Previously, I experienced severe joint pain and life-threatening inflammatory issues due to a traumatic injury, but cannabis has enabled me to sleep and function throughout the day.

Having the ability to obtain my medication at a licensed local dispensaries is especially important to me, many of Vista’s seniors, veterans, and others that live with disabilities.

Without access to medical cannabis, the only alternatives are pharmaceutical drugs with harsh and dangerous side effects.

Please help me and other Vista medical cannabis patients and Vote Yes on Z."

-Mark Woodard

Vista Resident

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